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Welcome to the “Triumf”-world!

Steel doors “Triumf” is the best combination of reliability, magnificent design and accessible price.

Steel doors “Triumf’ are manufactured by our firm “Spetsosnastka MK”, Ufa. Construction is worked out in accordance with the demands and recommendations according to GOST 31173-2003.

Method of manufacture is the method of cold punching.

What are the main advantages of these doors? 


Box represents a rigid welded structure made of bent steel profile. Its contour is a closed one.

Metal’s thickness is 2 millimeters. Threshold is made of stainless steel. 


Its thickness is 65 millimeters. Metalwork consists of 2 bent steel sheets of a profile with 1,25 mm thickness made by cold forming method and then welded together with the strengthening frame, which consists of vertical and horizontal “П”-shaped steel profiles.

Door-bed filler is the pressed mineral cotton, which is glued to the door-bed and used for saving warmth and noise isolation.
A built-in peephole provides 145º viewing angle.

Compression of a door frame ledge: 

Compressive rubber strips are glued to the door-bed and the box (one of which is magnetic), it helps to provide hermetic closing of a door and prevents from outside smell, dust and sounds penetration. 

Locking system:

Locking system consists of 2 locks (3d class: multicombination lock): lamellar one, manufactured by the Joint-Stock Company “Mettem-manufacture”, Russia. The lock has 4 crossbars and its depth of closing is 40 millimeters; another lock is a cylindrical one. It is manufactured by the firm “Kale-Kilit”, Turkey, and it has 5 crossbars together with a latch and a clamp. 


Loops of the doors are build-in ones and are regulated in need. They are installed on the rolling bearings. The total number of them is 3.

This kind of construction protects your house from illegal break of the door sheet with the locks being closed. 

Surface of the door: 

The surface of the door is multilayeredly covered. The first anticorrosive layer is put just immediately to the metal in the phosphating solution vessels.

The basic layer is the powder-polymeric one that is sprayed and then thermally treated. It helps to make the door be strong and determines the model.

Lacquering makes the door looks shining and is used as an additional protection.

Safety of the polymeric layer and the door-bed filler is confirmed by sanitary epidemiological conclusion.


Steel doors “Triumf’ are provided with handles of high quality, different in their functional use and their appearance.

Opening- external

Modification: left-handed, right- handed.

Installation dimensions: 860x2050mm; 950x2050mm.

Overall dimensions: 130x940x2054mm; 130x1030x2054mm.
Weight: up to 80 kg
If you want to see the catalogue, where all the models are represented, click here
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